JackrabbitDANCE Integration

jackrabbit class integrationWe LOVE JackrabbitDance! So much in fact, that we have pre-built integration with all of their platforms including  JackrabbitCLASS.. and JackrabbitCHEER and JackrabbitDOJO !

We are committed to helping Jackrabbit customers market their business and optimize their integration with JackrabbitDance. What does that mean?

Integrating JackrabbitClass into Your Website

JackrabbitClass makes it easy for customers to put real-time class listing information on their website. In fact, they even provide customers with really great “how to” information at www.onlinereghelp.com. By using Jackrabbits HTML codes, customers can provide a list of classes on any web page. You can even break up (filter) the lists and show just classes in one location or just boys classes.

Not Everyone Wants to Mess With HTML Code

We totally get it. You want to run your business, not manage web coding. No problem… we LOVE this stuff! Over time we have worked to provide solutions for just every question….

  • Can we sort classes based on the day of the week? (Yes!)
  • Can we list classes based on the level? (Yes!)
  • Can we organize classes based on location AND time of day? (Yes!)

The real challenge for many customers has been how to structure class listing on a single page so it is really easy for parents to quickly find the appropriate class(es) for their child based on days of the week and the time of day. So…we built a module that does exactly that!

We offer three (3) Jackrabbit Integration Options