Showcase: Longwood Performing Arts

When we first met with Jane Roosevelt at Longwood Performing Arts, Jane expressed the need for a much improved online presence. Their current website simply wasn’t meeting their needs any longer. Their five biggest problems were:

  1. Brand
    Look & feel of their website was not consistent with their well-respected brand
  2. Communication
    Their website did not communicate their breadth of the capabilities effectively
  3. Self-editing
    They were not able to easily makes changes and updates to their website and the website
  4. Integration
    Their website was not integrated with their social media channels, like facebook.
  5. Events Calendar
    They didn’t have an effective events calendar to highlight and promote events

Enter steelteal DANCE MARKETING

We worked closely with Longwood Performing Arts to understand their needs and Jane’s vision. We recognized that they had a lot of information that had to be easy for parents and students to find. Working closely with Jane and her team, we helped them build out their content and flush out exactly how they wanted to layout their home page and their class schedules.

Key features include:

  • Elegant and professional look & feel that communicates the appropriate image
  • We installed live integration with facebook, so their students can stay up to date
  • We built a sophisticated Events Calendar that allows parents and students to filter the calendar based on specific events and performances.
  • They are able to quickly post event and promotional notices.. and thos notice automatically post to their facebook page.
  • They can quickly and easily edit pages, add images and photo galleries