Things you DON’T have to worry about

Below are a list of things that you don’t have to worry about if you have a website with steelteel DANCE MARKETING.

Compatibility with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Chrome.

Our platform and every webpage we deliver is fully compatible with ALL major internet browsers. Always has been and it always will be.

Whether your webpages are fully view-able on iphone or ipads

No worries here! The biggest issue with apple devices is that they don’t play flash animations. We don’t build or deploy flash on any of our websites, unless we also provide alternate views of the same content for iphones and ipads.

Waiting for your web developer to update your website

No more! Our platform makes it very easy for you and your (approved) staff can quickly and easily log in and make those updates yourself! And even if you don’t want to do, we can do it for you… FAST.

Your website is down and not accessible

We guarantee 99.9% up-time. We even maintain a back-up of every website on our platform so in case there is an issue, we can re-install your website fast!

Old Age

Our platform is updated every month. This means, we are constantly fixing, improving and updating the underlying infrastructure so it never gets old.

Not Knowing

We often hear from new customers that they frequently felt in the dark with their former website and developer. With steelteal DANCE MARKETING, that simply won’t happen. We ALWAYS here to answer any questions and provide you with whatever information you need.